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Dr.Timothy D. Francis has served as an editor of Alternative Medicine Review since 1996. As such, Dr Timothy D. Francis remains dedicated to developments in the world of alternative medicine. During his work on the magazine, he maintains his own personal applied kinesiology chiropractic practice. Alternative medicine incorporates Eastern methods of treatment, such as Chinese medicine and acupuncture to treat illnesses. Alternative medicine often takes into consideration the connection between the mind and the body as well as structures like a person’s energy and their spirituality. It can include chiropractic, herbal treatments, nutrition, mental healing, and therapies that utilize creativity and new experiences, like total kinesiology which was originally developed by Dr. Francis. Chiropractic kinesiology, which Dr.Timothy D Francis practices, is a hands-on form of alternative medicine that utilizes specific adjustments of the spine and extremities to bring about balance and homeostasis in the body. In addition this system is completely unique which is an energy dialogue between the doctor and patient. It includes homeopathy, nutrition, herbs, acupuncture with out needles, cranial – sacral therapy, emotional harmonization, and raising one’s level of consciousness.