As owner of Chiropractic Kinesiology in Las Vegas, Dr. Timothy Francis heads a respected practice that emphasizes patient-centered care. Dr. Timothy Francis is known as a leading practitioner of applied kinesiology and has developed many innovative techniques in the field.

A holistic, noninvasive form of energy therapy, applied kinesiology combines contemporary modalities of muscle monitoring with traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM. The purpose is to identify and treat areas of imbalance and stress within the body’s energy system. TCM offers the concept of yin and yang as two opposing forces that exist in balance. When they are not working harmoniously, the qi or life energy flow can become blocked and unable to circulate through the body’s meridian system.

This concept has been enlarged by some applied kinesiology practitioners to encompass a “triad of health” concept of wellness. Portrayed as a triangle, this has structural and physical health at the base and also incorporates a balance between emotional and mental health, on the one hand, and diet and chemicals on the other. Applied Kinesiology offers a systematic way of navigating these aspects of overall well-being.