Dr. Jordan Bray


Hi I’m Jordan Bray and I’ve known Dr. Francis since the fall of 2010 when I was first in chiropractic school. He was teaching a seminar, he came out of retirement, and I was told if there’s anyone to see it’s this guy. He’s been renowned in the AK world forever so I thought, wouldn’t miss this opportunity. Upon going to the seminars, not even an hour into it the first day, took somebody up and showed how to tie things together and really just put things into context, things that I didn’t think we would get in school. It was nice to see things that we were learning as far as anatomy and him applying the material and then, not only talking about it, but actually showing us the change. Since then I decided that I wanted to follow and pick his brain and absolutely learn everything I could. When he wasn’t on stage doing demonstrations he was always being asked by other doctors, some that have been in the field for over 20-30 years, seeking his guidance. I thought, okay, this guy is somebody so when I got in and I took his seminars, seminar after seminar, basic course. He came back, did another class, came back did another class, I made sure that I didn’t miss it because every moment it was almost like getting carpal tunnel, trying to keep up with the clinical pearls that he could share. And this was just like nothing to him and then to see him just speak so fluently and easily on everything, I wanted to go into that field and up to this day I still stay in contact with him. When I graduated with my chiropractic when I was 23 he pushed me, he recommended that I get my naturopathic doctorate that I accomplished when I was still 24 and since then I’ve been using it every day. His work has given me the tools to build my practice into a successful business which today actually is its 1 year anniversary so I owe a lot of professional and personal credibility. Him teaching and giving his guidance helped myself along the way and I can speak personally to it with every patient because I’ve seen it work first hand. So I’d highly recommend him and, in fact, I plan to go to him and if I ever have a difficult patient he’s the first person that’s on my speed dial that I call and he’s always got something to say, some advice to share.

Dr. Jordan Bray is a holistic physician trained in both Chiropractic and Naturopathic medicine.
110 S. Stanfield Rd, STE A Troy, OH 45373


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