Dr. Michael A. Gorman , DC, ATC, CSCS

Owner of Gorman Optimal Health Solutions, Inc.

Hi, my name is Dr. Mike Gorman, I practice right outside Philadelphia. I first met Dr. Francis, I had actually taken the applied kinesiology 100 hour course with 7 different instructors and I was very very confused and trying to put it all together and I heard great things about Dr. Francis so I actually persuaded him to come to Chicago and to teach it was amazing. It was actually like a completely new course where he just completely simplified it. I don’t know of any other teacher, I don’t know of any other person in the world actually; usually people are either a really good clinician or a really good teacher. It’s very rare to actually have both and I have to say Dr. Francis, in my opinion, is the best in the world at being able to put both together and be able to be a phenomenal clinician and be able to take that complicated knowledge and really simplify it so we can learn it and we can integrate it back, literally on Monday, back to our patients. So, that is his true gift and that is very rare so I’m very grateful for that. I just want to tell a quick story; when I first met him and I was taking his course, back home in Philadelphia, my sister who was 23 at the time was having some serious health issues and nobody could figure it out. Of course I’m in chiropractic school and trying to help her and give her some advice and find somebody for her. Finally it got to the point where it was so bad that they diagnosed her with Multiple Sclerosis and said she’s probably going to be in a wheel chair for the rest of her life. She went from “soccer star” to, within months, to not being able to do anything. So, I finally persuaded my parents to fly her out to Las Vegas and I actually flew out and met her from Chicago where I was going to school. In one treatment he figured out exactly what was going on with her, she had actually had a issue with a Hepatitis B vaccine that they forced her to get at school and she had some serious reactions from that. He was able to, not only figure that out, but then figure out exactly what treatments to do for that to help to detoxify her body and support her. Within a week she was out of a wheel chair walking completely normal and, how many years, 15-16 years later she hasn’t had an issue since. So, of course, that’s near and dear to my heart, to my family’s heart and also he’s just been a great mentor over the years and I’ve just appreciated everything that he’s ever done for me and for the profession

Dr. Michael Gorman is a licensed Chiropractic Physician and board certified Professional Applied Kinesiologist and owner of Gorman Optimal Health Solutions, Inc.
333 North Oxford Valley Rd. Suite 402 Fairless Hills, PA 19030


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