Dr. Noël Thomas

Owner at Holistic Healthcare and Neurotherapy

I’m Noel Thomas, I’m a naturopathic doctor in Portland, Oregon and I started naturopathic medical school in 2001 and I had the great fortune of learning from Tim, starting in 2001. And taking his 100 hour course all 4 years of medical school and continuing for 4 years after. He is one of the best teachers I’ve ever known, if not the best. He’s so passionate about what he does, what he provides, how he teaches. He’s a master at his skill and at his ability to teach and I feel so fortunate to be able to have learned from him and I really just owe so much to him for the skills that I’ve learned. It’s actually really, it’s emotional just thinking about it and talking about it. Personally, it took me a couple of years to fly to Vegas to go see him for my own treatment but it turned around my health in such a tremendous, tremendous way. “So, he’s helped you personally and with your business?” Yeah, I mean personally, the change was profound. I was diagnosed and had a serious autoimmune condition and his support of optimizing my health, through my work with him, I do not have that condition anymore and it’s been phenomenal to get his help.

Holistic Healthcare & Neurotherapy
1306 NW Hoyt, Suite 411 Portland, Oregon 97209


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