Healing a body of pain is often more complicated to treat than it seems, but with the advancement of science, we have found various types of systems to evaluate muscles. Dr. Timothy Francis and his experience with applied kinesiology have helped many people in the Las Vegas valley heal from their aches and pains.

In his office, Chiropractic Kinesiology, Dr. Francis has helped many individuals who just couldn’t seem to find a way to get the healing they needed. He emphasizes a holistic technique in all of his practices and makes the patient the center of the treatment. His homeopathic approach or the idea that a body can heal itself, is crucial with his patients. He’s become known for this type of plan, which results in success for many patients.

Dr. Timothy Francis and His Experience with Applied Kinesiology

The office of Chiropractic Kinesiology ran by Dr. Francis makes it a point to ensure their patients understand they will get the healing their bodies need. The homeopathic way of healing gets in-depth with the patient’s personality traits to explore how their bodies work on a structural, chemical, and emotional level.

Introduction to applied kinesiology

What is applied kinesiology? It’s a system that evaluates chemical, structural, and mental aspects of your health in combination with muscle testing and other standards of diagnosis.

This system is unique to common healing procedures but serves as a dynamic movement in the healthcare community. While it is compelling in standard medicine, it is more common in the chiropractic community. Dr. Francis uses this system of healing to create a functional balance and therapy toward the imbalanced sides of the patient’s needs.

Structure of applied kinesiology

In the structural, chemical, and mental composure of the body, there are several points these three primary aspects affect. The points in the body affected are the following:

  • Acupuncture Meridian Connector (AMC): This meridian system holds the energy, blood, and information of your body
  • Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF): The craniosacral mechanism portion of the body affects the temporomandibular joint structures.
  • Neurovascular (NV): Our vascular system is commonly known as the circulatory system carrying our blood and lymph all over our bodies.
  • Neurolymphatic (NL): The lymphatic system is a network of vessels where the lymph drains from the tissue into your blood.
  • Nerve (N): This is our nervous system which transmits nerve impulses between parts of your body.

How Dr. Francis uses applied kinesiology

Dr. Tim Francis practices chiropractic care and applied kinesiology in the Las Vegas valley, as his holistic practices have become known all over the city. But he doesn’t have clients in the United States—his patients come from Europe, Canada, and Mexico to seek his treatments. Aside from using applied kinesiology, Dr. Francis also does lectures to help spread the awareness for this holistic health care for our body’s pains. He has traveled all over the world sharing his knowledge of this chiropractic technique. He wants people all over to know our bodies are systems ready to heal themselves through the right method.