Dr Tony Murczek

Dr Tony Murczek

Naturopathic Physician D.C., D.I.B.A.K.

In the summer of 1995, I badly injured my finger playing indoor soccer. Determined to regain mobility, I put myself through two surgeries and endless hours of physical therapy. Each surgery only increased my discomfort and frustration. While skeptical and deathly afraid of needles, but ardently interested in regaining the use of my left middle finger, I went to my first Acupuncture treatment. The day after my very first treatment I had regained not only movement but also an incredible reduction in pain (60%) and swelling (30%) in my finger; something which previous doctors had told me would not be possible.

Up to that point my experiences with health care revolved around sports medicine and athletic training at Portland State University. I knew how to prevent and treat injuries through proper nutrition and exercise but I did not fully understand how to heal the person attached to the injured body part.

My interest in internal medicine began to blossom as I studied Chinese herbs and Acupuncture. At my first acupuncture treatment I was told that my finger problem was related to poor digestion. She needled several points on my back to help my digestion (I thought she was off her rocker; she didn’t even examine my hand!) Furthermore, at the time I often equated health with fitness. Now, I know that just because a person is fit or physically strong does not mean he or she is necessarily healthy. My assumptions about fitness and my approach to healing radically changed as a result of my experiences with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for my injured hand.

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Dr Tony Murczek
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Hi. My name is Dr. Tony Murczek. I’m from Portland Oregon. I’ve been a student of Dr. Francis since 1999. I was a acupuncturist. I graduated from the Oregon college of Oriental Medicine in ’99, and I started taking Applied Kinesiology courses from Dr. Francis in 2000, and it’s been nothing short from life-changing for me. He inspired me to go back to school and get my Naturopathic degree which I completed in 2007. I went on and did my Diplomate in Applied Kinesiology. Now I teach the basic 100-hr course which I took from Dr. Francis 9 times. The reason I took the course so many times from him is because he’s a master teacher. He’s somebody that has a great feel for all the information. He’s been a wonderful mentor to me, and my life would never be the same without him. He inspired me to help lots of people all over the country and all over the world. The way I met him was interesting. I went to a lecture at the Naturopathic College, and he’s giving his promotion for his class. When I saw him on stage, I’ve never seen somebody that brought each person up on stage that he worked on. I can tell that when they get off the stage that their life had been totally altered in a very positive way after he worked on them.  He did that consistently with every single person he brought up and treated. When I saw that, I knew that he knew something that I didn’t know, and that’s what I wanted to learn. That started my quest of taking his classes and learning from him. He’s a true master. He’s probably one of the most gifted adjusters I’ve ever had the opportunity of being adjusted by. He’s a master Chiropractor, Homeopath, and understands the acupuncture meridian systems. He combines them all together in a really flawless way, and that’s what he’s been able to teach me, and that’s what I strive to do in my practice, to help people that really need help. Interviewer: Wonderful, thank you very much. If anybody wants to get in touch with you, is there a way that you can do it? Interviewee: I have a website. I’m at www.mountainspringhealth.com, and I also have a website drtonymurczek,dr, tony, m, u, r, c, z, e, k,.com, and that’s for my lecturing and for my private practice. Interviewer: Alright, thank you very much, Doctor. Interviewee: Thank you.