Hi my name is Dr Torry Hinson I practice in Boise Idaho, I first met Doctor Francis I believe it has been at least 17 or 18 years ago. He was my teacher in Applied Kinesiology. I first started taking the 100-hour course from him In Dallas Texas as a student. He’s impacted my practice immensely I’ve been in practice almost 16 years now. The things he’s taught me he’s really taken AK (Applied Kinesiology) and made it so I can immediately implement it into my practice and get great results from patients. Ive been doing this and learning from Doctor Francis ever since. His ability to take very complex things and actually make things so you can not only explain it to patients but to use them in your practice the very next week is just there’s no price on that. He has treated every member of my family including myself. I was very sick at one point when I first got out of chiropractic school doctors after looking at all my labs had put together that I had Hodgkin’s because of Doctor Francis’s care I was able to overcome that without chemo without radiation with his care. I’ve been great health ever since he definitely has a special place in my heart for the rest of my life. I cant be appreciative enough he helped my son who was very sick when he was only 7-months old. The admiration and respect I have for Doctor Francis is just through the roof, he has been such a great mentor to me someone who I’ve always known that if I ever got in a jam I could count on that he would take care of me and my family.

The Village At Meridian
3597 E Monarch Sky Lane, Suite 240
Meridian, ID 83646

Torry Hinson, D.C. is an Applied Kinesiologist committed to serving patients with the highest quality in chiropractic care, with a gentle manner. Rather than just “pop” your entire spine and “pray” the pain goes away, Dr. Hinson focuses on overall wellness and is able to pinpoint where the pain derives from. Often times, the pain you are feeling stems from another problem altogether, but manifests itself in weaker areas of your body. The result of this method is a quicker, fuller recovery.

Dr Torry Hinson