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With over three decades of professional experience, Dr. Timothy D. Francis has established himself as an international figure in his field of applied kinesiology specialization. Dr. Timothy D. Francis is also involved in the political organization Campaign for Liberty. Campaign for Liberty is a nonpartisan organization that aims to champion principles often left out of the American political conversation due to bipartisan consensus. The organization also advocates for auditing the federal reserve bank. The Audit the Fed movement is supported by a legislation introduced by Rep. Thomas Massie during the 114th Congress with 63 original cosponsors. The legislation aims to garner full support of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, which also includes the Federal Reserve banks. The rationale behind this movement is to bring about transparency in the Federal Reserve. According to supporters, the Fed has engaged in activities, such increasing US dollar supply and keeping interest rates extremely low, that have decreased the value of savings, thereby affecting retirees who rely on fixed incomes and those who keep their money in savings accounts.