Then I finally found help for my own health issues.

At almost every Applied Kinesiology and muscle testing seminar I went to there was this doctor that was very well know in the community. Dr. Timothy Francis of Las Vegas, NV. It seemed that all of the top doctors in the field were being treated by him and would refer to him on a regular basis. I didn’t have anything to lose, because no one else was able to help me at this point, so I had to give him a try.

I drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and had a session with Dr. Francis. After the session I was a different person. I felt lighter, I could think straight, everything that I saw was more vivid in color and clarity. I felt better, better then I thought I could ever feel. I was told I actually looked different after that. My facial structure actually changed after that day.

I started to follow Dr. Francis around for over fifteen years, learning from him and from who ever he recommended. I became a teaching assistant for him in his Applied Kinesiology certification courses and eventually attained my teaching credentials with the International Board of Applied Kinesiology.

My life has never been the same. I have been using muscle testing since 1996. I have been in practice using muscle testing for over a decade and a half. I have been teaching others how to use muscle testing professionally and in their private lives ever since I graduated school.

Dr. Robert Ciprian

Chiropractor Kinesiologist, Muscle Testing Doctor