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A practitioner of applied kinesiology, Dr. Timothy D. Francis helps patients from around the country through his private chiropractic office. To train for his career, Timothy D. Francis enrolled at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, from which he earned his doctor of chiropractic – Magna Cum Laude. Millions of people throughout the world rely on chiropractic providers to address such intransigent issues as back and joint pain. What most people may not know is that chiropractic has been practiced for over one hundred years, innovated by a man named Daniel David Palmer at the end of the 19th century. Palmer codified his anatomy research and clinical experience into the practice we now know as chiropractic. Moreover, he founded a school in Iowa called the Palmer College of Chiropractic to train others in this new field. Though in the early years his students were his son and a few interested osteopaths, chiropractic exploded in popularity over the subsequent decades to such an extent that most states had officially recognized and licensed chiropractic care by the early 1930s. These days, chiropractic is universal in the United States, which alone supports roughly 60,000 licensed providers, and also common in countries like Mexico, the UK, and Japan.