Chiropractor Dr. Timothy Francis owns a private practice and has developed multiple approaches for patients to overcome effects from vaccines. One area that Dr. Timothy Francis focuses on is holistic care for treating vaccine damage.

According to the Vienna, Virginia, National Vaccination Information Center, there are 54,072 reports that consist of adverse vaccination events, including 471 deaths. These adverse events and deaths appeared within a 39-month period between July of 1990 and November of 1993.

Any reactions from vaccinations typically occur within seven days following administration of the immunization. Symptoms include dangerously high fever, convulsions, paralysis, nausea, acute brain inflammation, and even death.

Although sometimes immunizations can have adverse reactions, a homeopathic medicine can easily and safely be utilized after a vaccine in order to prevent side effects effectively. In addition, a few remedies have been known to treat reactions to vaccines, including Chamomilla (a German plant) that is utilized for vomiting and restlessness, Apis Mellifica from a honey bee that treats edema and hives, and Silicea that is useful for easing spasms and other side effects from vaccinations.