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A privately practicing holistic practitioner, Dr. Timothy D. Francis draws on training in clinical acupuncture and other methodologies. Dr. Timothy D. Francis has published on the use of the extraordinary meridians, a concept that relates to the traditional Chinese understanding of “chi” (energy) and its journey through the body. Many Eastern traditions understand life to be a manifestation of energy. It is this energy that allows our bodies and minds to function. Good health happens when energy is flowing in correct balance, and illness is a result of disturbed energy flow. This energy flows through the body by way of invisible yet vital channels known as meridians. One can compare the function of the meridians to the circulatory system as understood by Western medicine, though they cannot be pictured or defined in the same way. Meridians not only carry energy but also manifest as energy, and as such the overall meridian system is conceptualized as a living process. Traditional Chinese medicine understands there to be 14 primary meridians that carry chi throughout the body. The first three of these meridians carry energy along from the chest through “yin” channels in the arm, where they connect with three paired “yang” channels to travel to the head. In the head, each channel distributes its energy to three corresponding yang channels of the leg, which carry the energy to the feet. Energy then travels into the next three related yin channels in the leg and subsequently returns to the chest to complete the cycle. These processes carry chi through the body and thus allow organs on the same pathway to communicate with one other. Through this communication, a Chinese medicine practitioner can effect healing in one organ by way of points on a related channel or by adjusting an extremity and/or spinal subluxation, by changing the diet, and the use of herbs, nutrition, and/or homeopathy.